Deliver a Better Customer Experience with iCX Omnichannel Contact Center

iCX is a cloud-based omnichannel contact center solution that orchestrates customer interactions across all channels, presenting them in a single user interface.

Communicate with Customers Wherever They Are

Easily communicate with your customers and prospects using a variety of channels including voice, webchat, social media, messaging apps, and more.

Deliver Real-time Personalization No Matter The Channel

Uniquely identify all customers, no matter the channel, and provide your agents with complete visibility into past engagements, personal preferences, satisfaction levels, IVR paths, and more so they can have personalize conversations each and every time. 

Eliminate Long Wait Times That Lead to Frustrated Customers

Waiting for agent availability can be just as frustrating across digital channels as it is during phone calls. With iCX, you can allow your customer’s to requests calls from your organization, eliminating their need to wait in the queue. 

Analyze & Improve Your Voice of the Customer

iCX VoC features allow the capture, storage, and analysis of customer satisfaction feedback across an array of channels. Through both manual sentiment collection and automated survey responses, iCX can deliver a complete view of your customer’s satisfaction.

A Customizable Solution That Fits Your Needs

Global Delivery

With multisite agent presence and a single database for agent resources and customer data, iCX makes agent collaboration across territories simple.

Deployment Options

Whether you'd like to host your iCX contact center on-premises or in the cloud, Interactcrm provides flexible deployment options to meet your needs.

Integrate with Any PBX

Layer iCX over your existing PBX system to create a complete communications platform for your contact center users.

Easy to Use Interface

Simplify both the agent and supervisor experience thanks to an easy-to-use interface that streamlines communication and oversight.

Flexible Modules

Becuase iCX was built with stand alone modules, you can add communication channels and functionality as your business needs arise.

Robust Analytics

Track performance of your contact centers across channels, queues, agents, outcomes, and more using iCX's advanced multichannel reporting options.

See iCX in Action

Request a free demo to see how iCX can deliver a seamless customer experience across a multitude of digital channels.