Advanced Routing

Nearly 70% of customers say connected processes, such as seamless hand-offs and personalized interactions, are critical to winning their business. They may start their conversation on one channel, continue it on a second, and end it on a third. But as customers jump channels, they fully expect a connected process. iCX brings together key data sources across your organization to help your agents deliver outstanding customer care, and to give your customers real continuity – regardless of their preferred contact channel.                                                                                                           


Deliver Real-time Personalization No Matter the Channel

iCX delivers a personalized customer experience across all communication channels by uniquely identifying individual people using an array of business data and directing them to the most appropriate agent. Once routed to the correct agent, iCX displays the collected customer data, the context of the call, and the entire interaction history of the customer in an easy to use dashboard so agents can have the most informed conversation and deliver a faster resolution.

Agent Skills

iCX assigns incoming communications to the most suitable agent, instead of simply choosing the next one available.

Customer Journey & Sentiment

iCX uses contact interaction history across all channels to ensure that requests are routed to the appropriate contact center agent based on their previous interactions

CRM Database

'Dip' into any data source to search for caller profile's, prioritizing and routing callers using your CRM data.

Business Rules

Intelligently collect, route, and distribute inbound communications based on your own unique business rules. Rules can include business hours, holidays, inquiry types, or more

See iCX in Action

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