Integrate Your Solution

With iCX's extensive suite of integrations, you can customize your solution for both the communication channels your consumers use and the applications the help your business run smoothly.

iCX Integrates with the Leading Consumer Applications

CRM Connectors

iCX integrates with your CRM application to provide data driven routing, screen pop, click to dial, and more. Integrating your CRM application with iCX provides your contact center employees a complete view of your customer all within a single interface.

Ticket Management

Managing support tickets is often a major component of contact center operations. By integrating your iCX application with help desk ticketing systems, your contact center staff can gain complete visibility into the customer’s current ticket status without leaving their iCX dashboard.

UC Integrations

Voice has always been, and will always be a primary communication channel for contact center agents and consumers alike. By integrating your telephony system with iCX contact center, you can layer the features and functionality of iCX omnichannel over your existing voice infrastructure.