Bringing Omnichannel Communications to Your Jaamo System

With the combination of iCX and Jaamo you can better manage your entire childcare business, including parent communications, all from one system. 

Simplify the Way You Manage Parent Communications

Get Back to One Phone Number

With multiple locations and different departments such as billing and planning, its common that childcare businesses tend to accumulate too many phone numbers. This can create frustration and confusion for parents looking to quickly make contact with you. With iCX and Jaamo, you can consolidate your operations to a single phone number, allowing parents to select the purpose of their call. Is the parent looking to contact their child's childcare location? iCX automatically directs them to the appropriate one with the use of Jaamo data.

Mobility for Childcare Professionals

Energetic children make for busy childcare workers. With the need to be constantly on the go, iCX provides your local employees an easy to use mobile application to manage inbound and outbound communications. Caregivers just too busy? Set custom rules for call transfers should they not be able to take the call.

Reporting & Analytics

Track the performance of your communications thanks to in depth reporting and analytics on all communication channels.

Screen Pop for Planners

As incoming calls come into your planning departments and childcare locations, arm your employees with a real-time screen pop of the relevant Jaamo data. This allows employees to have informed conversations thanks to data such as child and parent information and contact history.

Track Communication History

With call recording and communication history you can easily reference previous activity directly within the Jaamo system.

See iCX & Jaamo in Action

Request a free demo to see how iCX & Jaamo can deliver a seamless customer experience across a multitude of digital channels.