UC Integrations

Voice has always been, and will always be a primary communication channel for contact center agents and consumers alike. By integrating your telephony system with iCX contact center, you can layer the features and functionality of iCX omnichannel over your existing voice infrastructure.

Seamlessly Layer Omnichannel Capabilities Over Your Existing Telephony

Agent Softphone

Control PBX phone calls directly within the iCX dashboard using the iCX softphone.

Call Detail Records

Bring your PBX call data directly into the iCX solution for an all-in-one analytics platform that covers all channels.

Advanced Routing

Expand the routing functionality inherent in your PBX system by adding iCX's advanced routing functionality.


Handle ACD and IVR path design directly within iCX's visual builder, making it easier than ever to correctly route your customers.

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