Multichannel Callback

In today’s busy contact center environments, customers are often frustrated with excessive hold times that can erode customer loyalty and result in lost business. iCX Multichannel Callback is a multichannel queue management application that eliminates long wait times, putting an end to the frustration and ultimately improving the customer experience.

Wait Times

Request a Callback from Any Channel

Digital interactions can often be just as frustrating to customers as it is to wait on hold in a call queue. iCX Multichannel Callback solves this by allowing customers to request a voice call from any channel, including your website, mobile app, SMS text, or social media. During peak hours, customers are given the choice of either receiving a callback immediately once the next agent is available or scheduling a return phone call at a future date and time, eliminating the customer’s need to wait in the queue. Reduce abandoned calls and increase customer experience all with an easy to install, and easy to maintain solution.

Improve Agent Productivity

By enabling customers to request a call back during non-peak hours, your contact center can manage a steady stream of callbacks, spreading traffic evenly over time and allowing your agents to handle up to 15% more voice calls.

See iCX in Action

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