Monitoring Voice of the Customer with iCX

Customers expect a lot from companies today with roughly half saying that most companies fall short of their expectations for great experiences. It’s vital that today’s companies leverage a Voice of the Customer (VoC) strategy to visualize the gap between customer expectations and their actual experience with the business.

Sentiment Analysis

With iCX sentiment analysis, organizations can identify a customer’s experience using a combination of agent scoring and AI based communication analysis. This insight can then be used to influence how the customers are treated and prioritized. 


Feedback Surveys

iCX Feedback Surveys can collect real-time customer feedback by automatically triggering a questionnaire following voice and chat interactions. All survey responses are added directly to the contact record, making it easy for supervisors to track feedback and agent performance in almost real-time. With packaged survey reports also available, leadership can determine the organization’s customer satisfaction or segment down by queue, agent, or specific feedback score.

Voice Survey

Callers are automatically asked to remain on the line following a call to complete a brief survey. Using our iCX IVR system callers are prompted with survey questions that can be answered using the caller’s device dial-pad.

SMS Survey

iCX can deliver automated SMS survey messages to the caller’s cellphone immediately following the close of a call. Customers can reply to the SMS with their numerical feedback score and detailed responses regarding their call satisfaction.

Chat Survey

Immediately following a web chat, website visitors can be prompted to complete a written survey directly within the web chat window.

See iCX in Action

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