There are over 6 billion mobile subscribers in the world and this number is expected to cross 8 billion by 2016. With such numbers it becomes apparent that enterprises have to consider mobile communication as an important mode of customer interaction.

Smarphones have changed the way we live our lives. Everything has become instantaneous and that includes customer service expectation. Contact centers need to  integrate mobile technology into their customer facing strategy.

Broadly speaking there are three main aspects that have to be considered when building a mobile customer service strategy.

  • Voice over mobile – How do you service incoming calls from cellular devices which are location independent? How do you identify the caller and use that information to route and personalize?
  • Text over mobile – How do you use texting to make it easy for the customer to communicate? How do you integrate texting into your enterprise?
  • Mobile applications on smartphones – What do you expose as a mobile application? What functionality do you provide from within a mobile application versus a web page?

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