Interactcrm partners with Jaamo to strengthen all-in-one solution for the daycare market

Interactcrm partners with Jaamo to strengthen all-in-one solution for the daycare market

Combination of expertise support Jaamo’s customers’ needs and expands Interactcrm’s market reach

 Netherlands – Interactcrm, a TetraVX brand and contact center solutions company focused on implementing innovative omnichannel contact center solutions, announced today its partnership with Jaamo, an online software for childcare that enables daycares to conduct their entire business from one system. The partnership will enable Jaamo to align its own system with an omnichannel communications platform.

Acting as a referral partner, Jaamo will have access to Interactcrm’s demo tenant, allowing them to utilize Interactcrm’s iCX and nVX solutions, a TetraVX product. Made for the cloud, TetraVX’s unified communications nVX solution provides the flexibility, and mobility to do business from anywhere, at any time. Paired with Interactcrms’ contact center solution, iCX, a unified omnichannel interaction management platform, Jaamo customers will gain access to real-time unified routing, distribution and personalization of contacts across inbound and outbound communications, such as voice, email, web and mobile chat, Whatsapp and social feed.

“Partnering with Interactcrm was a no-brainer,” said Rusmir Sehomerovic, co-founder of Jaamo. “Anything that has to do with childcare and ensuring safety and accuracy within a business needs to be managed in the most accessible and efficient way, which Interactcrm’s solution does. Now, employees are able to focus on caring for the children with the reassurance that no communication with parents will be missed — easing their minds and increasing satisfaction amongst all parties.”

Features of Interactcrm and Jaamo’s partnership also includes tracking finances and business operations such as invoicing, registration, parent and employee contact information, and reporting and management insights.

“We see this partnership as entering a whole new market with a trusted partner who understands this industry inside out,” said Roberto Cicoria, Director of Sales at Interactcrm. “We have the high-end expertise of communication solutions and Jaamo understands the importance of seamless communication processes across an organization. We’re thrilled that we’re able to expand into the childcare market, an industry that’s full of opportunity and promise.”

For more information on Interactcrm and Jammo’s partnership, click here.

About Interactcrm

Interactcrm is an omnichannel contact center platform that helps organizations effectively manage their customer interactions across a multitude of channels, ultimately improving the customer experience. With deep integrations to industry-leading unified communications providers, Interactcrm can increase the performance of your existing inbound and outbound voice systems, while adding the digital channels your customers use every day. To learn more about Interactcrm, visit

About Jaamo 

Jaamo is online software for child daycare centers. As an all in one solution, clients are able to perform all of their business operations from a single software platform. With integrated apps for parents, who make use of the daycare services, a complete exchange of information is made possible from planning, invoicing to sharing photos. With safety, efficiency and business insights as top priorities Jaamo provides a pleasant and worry-free work environment for its clients.



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