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iCX supports inbound customer communications using voice, callback, email, web chat, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Kik, and Line.

iCX has a Devconnect Certified integration with Avaya Aura Communication Manager via AES for Inbound CTI, Callback and Outbound dialing.

Yes, iCX supports automatic post conversation CSAT surveys for voice and web chat channels. For voice callers, feedback can be collected using SMS or interactive voice response (IVR) call flow.   

The iCX advanced routing feature provides an API driven development approach. Advanced routing uses a high-level Java SDK that abstracts the low-level telephony implementation and allows developers to focus on the business logic of the call flow.

 Advanced routing can be used to develop advanced voice call flows on the Avaya platform.

  • Route callers to the most appropriate skill based on their CRM profile
  • Route callers to the last agent they spoke to or the preferred agent managing their relationship
  • Ask callers to choose their preferred language
  • Ask callers to choose the department they want to be connected to
  • Ask callers to input their account number and announce the balance in their account
  • Allow callers to request for account history and announce the last X transactions of their account 
  • Allow callers to Transfer funds between accounts
  • Allow callers to query the status of the payment or account or package
  • Allow callers to schedule an appointment
  • Allow callers to query the status of their appointment request
  • Ask callers for their feedback and register them in a database

iCX has an agent-based campaign dialer that automates outbound calls to customers and connects them to the agents. Campaign records are dialed based on their priority and data filters that applied to them, allowing an organization to control how the customers and prospects are called. An organization can run multiple simultaneous campaigns or calling jobs with groups of agents assigned to them to improve the productivity of the campaign. Managers can control the pacing of campaigns to optimize the ratio between the number of live calls and available agents. Calls can be classified to offer only connected calls to agents. The customer record is screen popped to the agent along with the call allowing agents to update and add data as well as enter remarks or notes to the customer record.


iCX provides a built-in campaign management system that allows customers to upload contact lists, define call distribution rules across multiple calling jobs, regulate list processing, facilitate recycling and churning, define campaign outcomes and their associated calling rules, set up campaign calling hours, and export processed lists.

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