Outbound campaigns are an effective mode of marketing. The traditional telemarketing calls are losing popularity with people finding them annoying and intrusive. With texting on the rise, the ability to use texting for marketing purposes is very useful.

Outbound campaign management can be divided into two functions.

  • List management is the ability to edit lists and organize them into meaningful data such that the righ type of outbound message is sent to the right audience
  • Communication management is the ability to send and receive two way communication, track responses and reach the right audience at the right time

The same way spam email is a nuisance, outbound texting could also result in being ineffective if not managed correctly. This requires that the messages are customized for each recipient so that response rates and interest level remains high. In countries where incoming SMS is not free of charge a permission scheme is required to allow consumers to opt in and out of receiving text messages.

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