iCX for Customer Service

A contact center with the primary goal of customer service will want to provide an array of communication channels that can provide both self-service help and live agent support. 

Advanced Routing

Route calls to the most qualified agent for that request automatically

Omnichannel Communications

13+ communication channels to connect with your customers anywhere they are

Sentiment Tagging

Allow agents to report on customer satisfaction following each engagement

Automated Surveys

Gather customer satisfaction directly from the source by providing automated follow up surveys

Agent Support Documentation

Provide agents process guides, global repository search, and standard response templates all within the platform

Customer Context

Enable agents to deliver personalized interactions thanks to real-time customer data

Fully Integrate Your Customer Service Platforms

Integrating your CRM and ticketing applications provides your contact center employees a complete view of your customer all within a single interface.

See iCX in Action

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